You’ll have to forgive me…

We were sooooo tired after the flights that we just came in to the hotel, and went to sleep. Then yesterday we went to a large Jade factory, went to the Wall, went to a Hutong, went to a tea ceremony went to an enamel art factory, went to see the Beijing acrobats and by the time we were done with that, we were ready to sleep. So, we did.

But, I’m up early this morning – sending pictures first and then I’ll update. Sorry – this will get better but the 10 hour time change is kind of tough at first. Especially when you combine it with climbing up the Wall.

More to come soon!

3 Responses to “You’ll have to forgive me…”

  1. your friends from down the street says:

    So glad to see an update. How far did you guys get on the Great Wall? Is the food what you expected? It also looks pretty cold, but I’m sure you are prepared… Lui missed you all on Saturday. We will be thinking of you everyday, waiting to hear of your next adventure..

  2. Joe says:

    Hi guys! We miss you too. We only got passed the second section (just to where you go to get your “Hero” card made for climbing that high). Let me just tell you, the climb is underrated. There were people everywhere scattered on the railing, some sitting in the middle as they gasped for air. The food, so far, has been stupendous! Basically a sampling of lots of things (so nothing we’ve had to order). Nothing bad at this point.

    Give Lui our love.

  3. pop and grammy says:

    glad to see you got the climbing award, hope you had a great time. we miss you all and the time lag is 14 hrs. it was 5pm here when you called and it was 7am the next day there. so you are 14 hrs ahead of us. which means it is tuesday morning as i am writing this to you. we can’t wait to see the pictures. LOVE YA guys and miss you talk to ya soon. pop and grammy.

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