First, an introduction.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the reason why we are going to China in the first place. So, let me explain. Sometime around October of 2005 the wife and I decided that we weren’t done with having kids (and I mean younger, nicer kids) in our lives. We have older (brattier, grumpier, thankless-er, i.e. typical) kids now, but we wanted one more chance to make a nice one. (I’m kidding of course. Well, kind of.)

Anyway, we started looking into places where we could adopt. We talked about Russia, we talked about South America, Korea, Vietnam and a great many other places. Then we looked into China. China has/had an excellent reputation with regard to the structure and completeness of their system and we were immediately drawn to the fact that there were nearly one million children waiting to be adopted. Also, females are particularly plentiful since China is still desperately clinging to their gender stereotypes about boys being superior. The fact that the wife and I wanted another girl (more than a boy) pretty much sealed the deal.

So, we knew what we wanted to do – the next step was finding an agency. We went to the biggest one in town and were sort of disappointed with the result. About the same time there was a person on a message board that I haunt (ArsTechnica) who was writing about his experience with a Russian adoption. I asked him about his agency and he whole-heartedly recommended them to me. The agency was the Gladney Center.

Over two years later we’re ready to travel to China at the end of this week and go get our little girl. Along the way we also decided to adopt”special needs”. In China, just about any physical deformity or condition is considered “special needs” so we ran down this laundry list of “special needs” that we thouht we could handle and sent the form back. We actually didn’t select Albinism but our agency sent us a picture of this little girl and it was love for us at first site. Seriously, we were head over heals. Here is the first picture of her that we ever saw:

(If you can’t see the picture above, it’s because I host all of my pictures at Flickr and your company may be draconian in their Internet policies – since everyone knows that Flickr is somehow considered a “bad” site).

Anyway, now you know why we are going. How could we not go? How could we not want to allow this little adorable person into our lives and do everything that we possibly can to give her a good life and an opportunity to succeed? We couldn’t. So, we’re off!

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