2009 Update

Yes, yes. I’m sure you all thought we were so busy playing with Ellery that we would never update again. Well, you were partially right. It just SEEMED like never, but I am updating! Yay!

Here is where we are – we were thinking that we’d have Ellery as a valid, honest-to-goodness US citizen by now, but alas, we do not. However, all her paper work is in and we’re just waiting on them to process everything. We were told it was going to be February and now it is probably going to be more like April-May. Wow, takes a LONG time to get the paper work in doesn’t it?

Developmentally Ellery astounds us with sentences like the following: “Bring it closer to me so I can see it”. Which she said in response to Robyn trying to get her to see a flash card she was holding up. Her vision is still kind of a question mark for us (hence the flashcards – we’re using them to guage her site as best we can). You know, in February of this year she only knew Chinese, now she speaks AMAZING completely fluent (and slightly Southern-hickish) English. It’s really amazing when we stop to think about it. She’s so smart, so funny and such a character. She’s completely and totally embedded into our family and home life at this point and it all came about seemlessly. It’s like she’s been here all along (I think I may have said that before). She is recognizing all her colors and most letters by sight at this point.

We’re just amazed on a daily basis.

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