Home, Sweet Home

It was a BRUTAL last few days in China for me. I’ve got the Flu and it was a punishing 17 hours in airplanes to get home yesterday. But, I took a bunch of medication this morning – and if that doesn’t help me soon I’m going to bite the bullet and go to the Emergency Room. I’m just sitting here now praying the meds work.

In other news, seeing Ellery play with all of her new toys and walk around the house is a surreal experience. We sat her down yesterday in the living room with a small pile of a few things and she said “Xie Xie” (which sounds like shay shay) which means “Thanks” in Chinese.

I almost cried.

And speaking of crying, I did, yesterday when a lot of our friends and family were waiting for us there at the airport. My Dad, Wicked Step Mother, Uncle Larry, Aunt Sue, My cousin Melissa (and her two boys which were NOT happy to be there – but were there anyway), The Edwards (Ken was working, but he got his notice in) and The O’Hanlons (who graciously drove our truck to the airport and let me drive it home).

We smelled bad, looked bad, felt bad – but none of that mattered. We were so happy to be home. The emotions of seeing everyone were overwhelming and had I not felt like I was dying already, I would have probably been a lot more overcome. We have days worth of pre-prepared meals and a nice sign on our garage welcoming our dog home (Thanks O’Hanlons!). Our friend Ken (who was working yesterday in the Nashville Tower) made sure to pass along his congratulations, and the congratulations of the rest of the tower as he was the first one to officially welcome us home. The pilot made an announcement to the plane about our family and our trip, we got a nice applause. Again, overwhelmingly amazing friends and family we have. I just want to thank you all for the warm wishes and the good thoughts while we were gone. EVERY SINGLE comment was poured over and appreciated as we battled with home sickness (and regular old sickness as well). In the next few days, providing I don’t die from whatever I have, I’m going to be sharing a few stories of the return and other things you may find interesting.

But now? Ellery is home – and I can hear her downstairs saying “Uh-oh” every few minutes as she is discovering her way around. :)

4 Responses to “Home, Sweet Home”

  1. Ellie says:

    Hooray! Glad you are back! Go to urgent care and get a shot – it works wonders!!

  2. pop and grammy says:

    we can’t say we have seen anything as beautiful as you guys did yesterday, we are very glad we got to see our 3rd grandchild as soon as she arrived home. and we are still cherishing our kisses, although wsm got the first.

  3. Tanya says:

    Congratulations! Take care, feel better, and enjoy these precious moments for as long as possible!!!

  4. Aww. Ellery’s so adorable. She picked those words quite quickly, aye?

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