In Guangzhou

We made it!

It’s been a LONG time since I boarded an airplane via a stairwell and tarmac, but that’s what we did yesterday. The Air China flight was nice, however. Got us here right about on time.

We’re staying in the Victory Hotel which seems to be pretty nice for us, we have adjoining rooms and for the first time the entire trip Maureen doesn’t have to sleep on on a couch or chair. She appreciates the little things. :)

I came down with a little bit of something yesterday too, that’s why this post is late. But, I’m trying to stage a quick recovery because I was just called by our local guide (Sampson) who told me that the US Consulate wants to move our appointment up to today! That means that we get to have Ellery be official (with the US) one day sooner. The only problem is that Robyn and the kids are all out shopping (as I lay sleeping in the bed). So, we’re going to have a quick lunch, a little nap for grumpy bug and then off to the Consulate!

I’ll post more later, just wanted everyone to know we’re here.

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