Our Last day in Hangzhou

We’re really starting to get a little sad at the prospect of leaving here. Our guide, Sarah has really been amazing and more helpful than we could have ever hoped for. She’s been a dream.

On our last day here we went to the Tea Museum. Tea is a very important product in this portion of China and there is a nice, large museum devoted to its history. We toured that museum (and took lots of pictures) and then went to her friends house again, since it’s right next to the museum, for some more fresh tea. We sat and ate sunflower seeds and enjoyed the day out on their front porch. It was very relaxing and very nice.

We then asked Sarah and our driver, Mr. Liang to join us for lunch at what Sarah said was the nicest restaurant in Hangzhou. It was on the water and at one time (not so long ago) served lunch to former President Nixon. We ordered the shrimp, a river fish, a beggars chicken and some friend rice. There was PLENTY of food and the best part? It was cheaper for all seven of us to eat there than it was for five of us to have the western buffet here in the hotel! The local food was excellent, and prepared (and served!) with care and pride. I took some pictures of the restaurant because it was so beautiful on the inside. Then we walked through a garden we found on the way back to the hotel. I took a lot more pictures in there, since it was just so stunning.

If we’ve learned nothing else in our time here, it’s that Hangzhou is some place we would like to come and visit again. The people are wonderful and the sights are inspiring.

We’re packing now and preparing for the early departure in the morning. Plane leaves at 9:30, so we’re going to be heading out of here at 7:30. I’ll fire up the laptop again once I’m there and let you know about the plane ride to Guangzhou (a short two hour trip).

Wednesday we’ll be four short days from getting back home! Yay! Did I mention that we’re really starting to miss home now?

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  1. Ellie says:

    Hi Robyn and Joe,
    Roland woke us up about 3 AM this morning and while I was really wishing he would go back to sleep, he seemed like he wanted to just cuddle. Laying there with him asleep on my chest I thought of you and Ellery, and how wonderful it is that now and forever there are arms ready in the middle of the night for such a wonderful moment. Thank you for being so courageous and thank you for bringing Ellery into our lives! We can’t wait to see you all when you get back safely.

  2. Stephani says:

    I’m a broken record, but I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Hangzhou as much as we did! We had some complaints about the hotel, but it wasn’t so bad. In all, it was one of my favorite world destinations…made better because my son was united with us there. I’m selfishly glad that most of the world has not seen this slice of heaven that we have…It was amazing. So glad you thought so, too.

    Your guide’s friend’s place sounded great! We went to the Chen family Dragonwell plantation and loved it, but your experience sounded fabulous!

    On to Guangzhou! Safe travels Ellery!

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