We decided to give the kids a little treat and be typical Americans and go for some regular American fare. Connor and I decided to head up the street a little bit and get some pizza. Turns out that it was a passable version of US style pizza. The crust was spot on, the cheese was different, not bad – just different. The ham on the ham and pineapple pizza was awesome. So, all-in-all a good experience on our next-to-last night here. Tomorrow I think we’re going to the Tea Museum and then maybe to lunch at Sarah’s friends house (provided it isn’t raining) and then we’ll be packing like crazy people for the flight to Guangzhou. 9:30am flight. Short flight too – only two hours, yay! And with that, it’s about 8:00pm here. Robyn just laid Ellery down after her bath (crying, but better this time – we think we’re figuring it out!) and we’re going to be heading to sleep soon.

Robyn just reminded me of a moment I need to mention. Earlier today Ellery was running, well, running how she runs – kind of like a drunken sailor (think: Jack Sparrow) and she ran into the bedroom here, where I was uploading pictures and I was “booping” her on her butt. Which is poking as she is running away screaming in laughter… Anyway, one time she ran up to me and I said “Give Ba Ba a kiss” and made a kissing motion – and she walked up closer to me and SHE GAVE ME A PECK ON MY CHEEK! I’d like to point out that I was the VERY FIRST to receive this gift. Right after that Robyn called her into the other room and asked Ellery to make her day by giving her one as well – and she did! Then Maureen and Connor got pecks on the cheek as well. It was a very sweet thing for her to do and it made us all warm and happy. :)

Robyn also just pointed out my grammar. I’m going to apologize now for the “shotgun style” I’m using. It’s how I get my thoughts out – and I don’t have time to make second and third passes over it like I would if I were writing something for work. Sorry it’s annoying, but when I sell my first book the grammar will bees perfects, I promises.

See that? Humor right there. It’s late, and the humor is getting worse.

5 Responses to “Dinner”

  1. paul dougherty says:


    Thank you for sharing your experiences. She is a doll !

    Can’t wait to meet her in person!

    safe tavels,

  2. susan yarbrough says:

    From Jackson, TN. – – our son Ben had a link to your blog on HIS blog; I have had the most WONDERFUL time following your marvelous saga!!! Congratulations on yet another lovely family member….and may your trip back home be safe and uneventful! Susan M. Yarbrough

  3. pop and grammy says:

    run’s like Jack wow can’t wait to witness that event. and we can’t wait till we get on her people she has kissed list. looking forward to Saturday I will Sadate grammy for the experience. we miss you guys and love ya’ll very much.

  4. Stephani says:

    So sorry to hear about Ellery’s experience in Wenzhou…But I still envy your trip down there. We can’t wait to take Ian back to his birth-town. Glad you enjoyed Pizza Hut! We swore we wouldn’t eat American in China, but loved the Pizza Hut in Hangzhou! Go figure.

    VERY glad to hear that you are enjoying West Lake as much as we did. At least once a day, we talk about our time there and it’s pretty great that we have that place on this planet to share with our child. We were all stars there, too…and can’t wait to take him back.

    Glad to know you have those memories to share with your gorgeous doll. She couldn’t be any more precious if she tried.

    Have a great time as you end your time in Hangzhou! The trip to Guangzhou is quick and our son did great on the plane. I know Ellery will do well also… These Wenzhou kids are tough cookies!

  5. Ellie says:

    Joe – just got a chance to look at the photos – SHE’S ADORABLE! I love that smile! Squeeze her once for me!

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