Today – caught up

This morning we got up late and had breakfast disturbed by a ummmmmm, what’s a nice way to describe it…. number two moment. So, we quickly left breakfast to go downstairs to our room. After a quick change we met Sarah to go to the passport office (we were trying to pickup Ellery’s passport), but it seems that it wasn’t ready yet, so, we’ll go again in the morning.

We then went to the mall, not the touristy mall, the REAL mall. Where the locals go. Which was nice. We had some nice people come up to talk to us, one really nice older gentlemen who spoke perfect English. Robyn bought Ellery a few outfits (wow, it was like being at home!). Anyways, we boguht some lunch there at the mall and brought it back.

The blog is now current! Yay!

Currently it’s 2:33am at home, but it’s 4:33 here. So, we’re about to be thinking about dinner time. Then we’ll have a nice bath, and off to bed. Ellery has been making her displeasure with her nightly bath be known, but Robyn has been a trooper about just getting it done and letting Ellery be mad, but still understand that a bath must be taken.

Not sure what we’re going to do for dinner at this point, but we’ll figure something out. Right now the kids are in there playing with Ellery as I am typing this and Robyn is figuring out how to repack for the flight to Guangzhou.

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  1. Karen Visser says:

    Hi Cotter Family,

    I am a Dutch mother of a Wenzhou princess, sitting right here in Hongkong China, following an American blog… Talk about international :-)
    (My husband is here on business and I came along for this week, so no adoption this time in China!)

    Wonderful to hear that Ellery is adapting quickly and has even started kissing… The bath thing sounds familiar, our daughter did not like it one bit either. Going together with her brother and some bath toys helped, though.

    Have a great trip and all the best!
    Karen Visser
    (mother of Casper (5, bio) and Ying Xin (from Wenzhou, nearly 4 now)

  2. Amie Geremia says:

    Hi Joe and Family,

    Daren and I have been thinking about you imagining what you’ve been doing half the world away. On day four into your trip I announced to Daren—they must have picked up Ellery today! Glad to get the blog link today and am catching up on everything. What a fantastic journey for you all together!

    Take good care and safe travels,

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