After Wenzhou

We had a day of rest. And it was good. We walked around the hotel, we prepared a mountain of post cards. We did a lot of little things that we had needed to do for days. Repacking, organizing, playing. You know, important stuff.

The next day we asked Sarah (our local guide) to meet us to take us for a tour of the lake area. She met us at 10am, so we had plenty of time to sleep-in, have a nice normal breakfast and not be rushed. We’re not good rushers, overall. So, we avoid it when possible.

Sarah took us for a walk through the West Lake park areas which seem to surround us here. After we initially got out of the van we were set upon by the baby-dressing police. Seems that they didn’t approve of how Ellery was only dressed in three layers of clothes (it was 45 degrees or so, and she was in a sling on Mommy, nice and warm – she was sweating). After being sure she was good and wrapped up they noticed Maureen. Oh boy, did they notice Maureen. It was like she was a rock star. There was a crowd of people suddenly around us (see pictures) that all wanted to have their pictures made with Maureen. It was pretty darned funny. She must have made a picture with ten different people. So, now she knows a little of what it’s like to be like her hero Miley Cyrus.

We saw a great many beautiful gardens and then got on a tour boat which was to take us around the lake in a lazy forty five minute tour. Just before we took off another larger group joined us from Thailand. They also seemed to have a love of Maureen as everyone in their group of twelve people or so, all made a picture with her.

We enjoyed the cruise and then we asked Sarah to take us to a Tea farm, just in the other side of the road from the park where we were started the Hangzhou tea farming area. We already told Sarah we had been to a "commercial" tea place and wanted something with a local flavor. Turns out that Sarah knew of a man who had his own tea farm there and he was less than five minute from us. He had served in the Navy with her husband and they were friends. When we heard we immediately accepted! Turns out that the locals (on the weekends) all go up to these local tea farms to have fresh green tea and lunch. They take their families and spend time talking and drinking tea and letting the kids play. We sat in with them and were given a demonstration as to how the process worked.

You see, real Dragon Well tea doesn’t have contact with machines, it’s all hand done, or else it isn’t Hangzhou Dragon Well tea. This area is known far and wide for its green tea. And did we EVER enjoy this experience. It was wonderful to sit out in the sun with all of the locals enjoying tea and chatting with Sarah. The tea was amazing and the whole experience was just magic. No cheesey sales pressure to buy or whatever, just fresh tea, relaxing environment and lots of nice locals who gave our table some candy. Sarah had said she hadn’t ever taken a family there before, but then, maybe some families wouldn’t appreciate it like we did. When we said we wanted an "authentic" experience, Sarah delivered.

After this we enjoyed dinner at our hotel and a relaxing evening of games and some CCTV Channel 9 (English channel!).

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