Meeting Ellery

When we first arrived in the government offices where we were going to do all of our paperwork and be united with Ellery the very first thing we noticed was that the offices weren’t heated and cooled. It was about thirty-five degrees outside and only a marginal amount warmer on the inside. We walked into a room with a giant conference table and chairs with yet more chairs pushed back against the walls. When we walked in the room there was another family already present (who we’ve since seen several times here in our hotel in Hangzhou – they are US citizens of Chinese heritage who adopted a very cute boy of about 2.5 years of age). They were already visiting with their new son and we’re filling out paper work as well.

We scanned the room QUICKLY and saw no other children.

Our guide, Sarah, told us that Ellery wasn’t at the offices yet, but that she’d be along shortly. She’d taken a train from Wenzhou to meet us that morning. We were told she was about five minutes away.

So, we started to fill out paper work. Forms and signatures and more forms and a little RMB (money) here and little RMB there. I was completely not paying any attention to anything but the door to the room. And within five minutes – as promised – we were greeted by a little white headed, red hat wearing bundle of sunshine.

We were stunned to see the same little girl who was in the photos. Robyn and I talked about this later, there are some people who you see in pictures who end up looking nothing like they do in real-life. Ellery was the SAME little girl we saw in all those pictures, exactly. It was truly love at first sight. All paper work and everything else ceased as Ellery’s care giver introduced her to us.

She wasn’t scared, actually. Didn’t cry or do anything else. After a few minutes of being around us Robyn held out her hands to Ellery and Ellery held her arms out back.

I was in tears, Robyn was in tears. It’s really hard to describe how it’s possible to love someone so completely and so deeply after knowing them for only a few seconds, but I felt about her right then, right there – like she had been mine since birth.

And like a thousand other love stories – this one has a happy ending.

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