Orphanage Pictures

I feel I should mention that Robyn and I elected not to go to Ellery’s orphanage. I’ll tell you exactly why very soon when I post about our experience on that first day, but I didn’t want to take the credit for the pictures that were actually taken by Mr. Wu who is the Director of the Gladney program for Chinese adoption. This man sought out all the children to take photos and made sure that there were pictures of everyone. For all those who were waiting for those and who were eagerly looking forward to any other pictures of their (soon to be) beloved little ones – we just wanted you to know. Robyn and I both feel very privileged for the time we got to spend talking to Mr. Wu. He’s truly a humanitarian and he loves helping these children. He told us so many stories about his life and how he ended up working for Gladney. If you believe in a divine calling, or fate or any of the possible ways that someone can end up doing what they are destined to do – he is the best example I can come up with.

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