New addition to the family

It’s official. MUCH has happened since I last wrote in here, but the important news, the best news – we have a new daughter. She is amazing, she is beautiful and sweet. And I’m pretty much out of words to describe her.

She left from her orphanage at 5am this morning to meet us, so she was tired when we met her. But, she rebounded from the tiredness to introduce herself to us rather quickly. She sorted us out for a few minutes and then the woman from the orphanage put her in Robyn’s arms. She wasn’t sure what to make of us at first, but she seemed to quickly settle in. We even got a smile or two out of her. Then she was off to sleep. There are pictures in the Flickr collection of her asleep in my arms as Robyn was doing paper work.

I’m sure we’re in the "honeymoon" period but she has been amazing so far. She’s only been a little grumpy here and there and has been pretty content to sit and play with us. Everyone has been enjoying the time with her.

I know I keep promising more words to describe the things going on here, but it’s really been tough with this +14 jet lag. We were all asleep in the room after we played earlier today. And now it’s 9pm and all I can do is think of sleep. It was supposed to be a nice restful day, but all we did was spend time with Ellery – who seemed to be happy for all of the attention. She really took to it and ate it up like a true giant ham. :)

And one final word about pictures – the Internet connection here is ridiculously slow. So, pictures will make it up as they come up. I’m putting the priority on pictures of Ellery and the other scenic stuff will come along in time.

Tomorrow we’re off at 8am for a trip to the Orphanage (5 hour drive) and then we stay the night and we’re back here the next day (after another 5 hour drive). Hopefully tomorrow I will get a better chance to put the experiences we’ve had into words. Don’t lose faith in me – we just are still struggling with all kinds of craziness and the lack of sleep.

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  1. Cortney Dotson says:

    So excited for you guys. Can’t wait to see her! Cortney Wenzhou Mommy to Meilyn

  2. pop and grammy says:

    she’s more beautiful than her pictures!! Does she really have reddish hair? and the most beautiful blue eyes. You got some great pictures and we can’t wait to kiss those cheeks! You all look really good too. We miss you and love you, can’t wait to see you.

  3. Stephani says:

    Congratulations on your new addition. Ellery is so beautiful! I recognize the room, the staff…everything from our trip to Hangzhou just 3 months ago. I’m jealous that you get to see the orphanage. Please post pics if you can. The internet connection in Hangzhou is VERY slow, but if you are able to get up very early, you should get one or two hours of OK connection. It’s all the young people around West Lake in Internet Cafe’s…or so our guide told us.

    Whatever you do or see in Hangzhou, be sure to get to Lingyin Temple. It’s near the lake and all the main hotels, so if your guide hasn’t arranged it, you should ask.

    We loved West Lake and can’t wait for the day we can return, hopefully for our second child in a few years.

    Looking forward to the stories of Ellery and your family. Thank you for sharing and taking me back to those days I cherish so much.

    I also wanted to comment that MANY kids coming from Wenzhou CWI have giardia, including our son, so be very careful during baths and diaper changes until you can get her tested when you get home. He showed no symptoms and still had it. Just an FYI.

  4. friends from down the street says:

    She is just beautifu. Can’t wait to meet her….

  5. Ryrie says:

    Dude, stop being all apologetic and stuff. I think it’s safe to say that you have tons on your mind and plenty of things to take care of. We are glad for the updates when you get the chance, but enjoy the time there while you can.

    Glad things have gone well and that you have Ellery now. You guys be safe and try not to eat to much sushi. :)

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