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Bloodwork back!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

And there is no Hep, no HIV, no TB, no other parasites (aside from Giardia – which the wife and I both think we have). We’re going to be waiting a little while on the Giardia test to come back, but I think it’s a sure thing. Since I’ve not been able to eat much of anything for a while now without some rather "unfortunate" side effects.

Anyway, a healthy Ellery means we don’t have to put her down.

Kidding! :)

How we got home

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

One thing that I didn’t mention earlier was how we just barely managed to avoid spending an extra ten days in Guangzhou. Seems we had some paper work complications. Due to an understanding with our agency we thought we had an amended I-600A form, but we didn’t. This form is required for the US Consulate in Guangzhou to give us our "packet" so that Ellery would be allowed into the US and made a US citizen.

And we didn’t have one.

So, the US Consulate and our agency (and our local guy Samson) all worked diligently to come up with a way for us to avoid staying in China for an extra ten days. A B-1 Visa. Which is typically a business-related Visa. Well, that did manage to get us in-country but unfortunately it didn’t allow for Ellery to become a U.S. citizen the second we stepped foot into Detroit.

So now is where the lawyers come in. Seems we have to get one to figure out what to do next. Since Homeland Security in Memphis is telling us that need to keep her here two years and then fill out these other forms. Which means that she’d be an illegal alien for a year? No, not doing that.

I suppose I just needed to spend a whole ton more money on legal fees and I didn’t know it. Since, I’m flush with cash after a trip to China for four people. :(

I’ll let you know what we find out from the lawyers.

Oh, and the Flu is gone now. Thank goodness, that was a rough patch in my life – let me tell you.