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After the first meeting…

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

After being declared the officially official parents of Ellery Cute Butt we were informed that we were missing one set of pictures that we needed (an extra set of passport like photos for some paperwork). So, we walked to a small photo place that was conveniently located on the corner of our hotel. Oh, and all of our luggage was waiting on us too, since we had to just leave it in the van, oh and we weren’t checked into the hotel yet. Oh yeah, and we had a baby in our arms who had known us a grand total of 45 minutes. So, we were REALLY wanting to get back to the room for a little play-with-the-new-person time.

We walk into the photo place and they take a minute to grab a camera and adjust a background for us. Meanwhile Robyn is slowly but surely losing her mind with impatience, because she’s sure that at ANY moment Ellery is going to start screaming bloody murder and demand that she be taken back to where she came from and for someone to save her from the whole family of big noses.

The photo people fumbled and stumbled around for a good ten minutes and finally managed to snap a picture of Robyn and myself. At long last.

How was Ellery? Perfectly fine. Didn’t make a peep.

We checked in and were taken upstairs to be reunited with all of our ninety thousand bags of luggage and our two separate hotel rooms. We just basically dumped everything and started playing with Ellery on the bed. You can see pictures of that fun time here.

Robyn removed her twenty layers of clothing and put her in a nice comfy onesie. Which was like a dream for her, she immediately seemed relaxed and comfortable. She only cried a little on that first day, when she was going to sleep that night. That’s been pretty much the pattern so far, she cries a little at night and is more or less content during the day. However, we know we’re living on borrowed time. But, we’re prepared for it. We just hope it doesn’t surface on the long plane ride home.

New addition to the family

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

It’s official. MUCH has happened since I last wrote in here, but the important news, the best news – we have a new daughter. She is amazing, she is beautiful and sweet. And I’m pretty much out of words to describe her.

She left from her orphanage at 5am this morning to meet us, so she was tired when we met her. But, she rebounded from the tiredness to introduce herself to us rather quickly. She sorted us out for a few minutes and then the woman from the orphanage put her in Robyn’s arms. She wasn’t sure what to make of us at first, but she seemed to quickly settle in. We even got a smile or two out of her. Then she was off to sleep. There are pictures in the Flickr collection of her asleep in my arms as Robyn was doing paper work.

I’m sure we’re in the "honeymoon" period but she has been amazing so far. She’s only been a little grumpy here and there and has been pretty content to sit and play with us. Everyone has been enjoying the time with her.

I know I keep promising more words to describe the things going on here, but it’s really been tough with this +14 jet lag. We were all asleep in the room after we played earlier today. And now it’s 9pm and all I can do is think of sleep. It was supposed to be a nice restful day, but all we did was spend time with Ellery – who seemed to be happy for all of the attention. She really took to it and ate it up like a true giant ham. :)

And one final word about pictures – the Internet connection here is ridiculously slow. So, pictures will make it up as they come up. I’m putting the priority on pictures of Ellery and the other scenic stuff will come along in time.

Tomorrow we’re off at 8am for a trip to the Orphanage (5 hour drive) and then we stay the night and we’re back here the next day (after another 5 hour drive). Hopefully tomorrow I will get a better chance to put the experiences we’ve had into words. Don’t lose faith in me – we just are still struggling with all kinds of craziness and the lack of sleep.

Pictures are up

Monday, February 11th, 2008

The Longest Flight in the World

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Okay, Robyn made me promise that I would not be all negative about the flight. Okay, so this is going to be a short entry.

The first flight (Maureens VERY first flight on an airplane and Connor first flight that he can remember) was EXCELLENT. We were in an Embraer made jet that sat roughly 50 people. It was 2×2 and was piloted by this guy who knew exactly what he was doing. It was smooth as glass. Very professional, and a GREAT plane ride.

The flight from Detroit to Tokyo was ummm, nice (remembering my promises). It’s not that it was rough, it’s just that riding in coach is tough for someone who is 6′, 2" and not exactly slim. Three is precious little room in those seats and near the end it was a little tough. Everyone else managed to sleep but me, since I was uncomfortable to the point of annoyance. They feed us like crazy, there was a food or snack service about every three hours. And the other crazy thing was that as we were flying we never experienced "night time" there was no darkness. We flew in daylight until Tokyo where we experienced our first sunset. On the plane we watched Gameplan with the Rock and several other movies, including a new entry into my "Worst Films Ever" with some wonky Duston Hoffman film about him running a toy factory.

The flight from Tokyo to China was nice, completely full as well. It was on an Airbus A330. Which was new and had individual video screens in the seats and stuff. All-in-all Northwest did pretty right by us, we enjoyed all the flight crews, especially Mr. Mike from Chicago on the flight to Tokyo. He was sneaking Maureen and another girl snacks from the first class section. You know, the really NICE stuff like figs and fruits in nice cups. My advice at this point would be to not sit in the middle, I thought it was the best idea at first since we’d have our own row, but I think it might be better to sit on the side, actually. I’m going to try and switch us up for that on the ride home. We’ll see how that goes.

You’ll have to forgive me…

Monday, February 11th, 2008

We were sooooo tired after the flights that we just came in to the hotel, and went to sleep. Then yesterday we went to a large Jade factory, went to the Wall, went to a Hutong, went to a tea ceremony went to an enamel art factory, went to see the Beijing acrobats and by the time we were done with that, we were ready to sleep. So, we did.

But, I’m up early this morning – sending pictures first and then I’ll update. Sorry – this will get better but the 10 hour time change is kind of tough at first. Especially when you combine it with climbing up the Wall.

More to come soon!


Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

We’re going to be detailing all of our adventures here. Watch for this site to change daily once we are in China (Feb 9). We will also be linking pictures as well. Oh, and this will be written from the Dad’s point of view, since I don’t think my wife will be able to actually think about anything before or after we’re united with our beautiful daughter. :)